GEOTRACES at the 2012 Ocean Science meeting

GEOTRACES scientific results were presented at the 2012 Ocean Science meeting (Salt Lake City, USA, 20-24 February, 2012). A total of 48 oral presentations and 56 posters were presented during the fruitful four main GEOTRACES-related sessions:

OS_20123*Biogeochemical Cycling of Micronutrient Trace Elements (session 057).

*Advances in the Oceanography of Trace Elements and Isotopes in the Atlantic and Polar Oceans (session 049). 

*Metal Speciation in the Ocean: Metal-Binding ligand composition and role in the transport of metals through the marine environment (session 005). 

*Redox and Coordination Chemistry of Iron Marine Systems (session 166). 

The complete abstracts of all presentations are available on both the GEOTRACES and the Ocean Science Web sites.

Ocean Science also hosted two GEOTRACES-related Town Hall meetings. The US Arctic GEOTRACES Town Hall meeting had as purpose to provide an update on the status of the planning process of the US Arctic GEOTRACES field programme and solicit input from the community. Connecting Chemical Oceanography with Analytical Chemistry Town Hall meeting informed the community about the development of a new programme to connect experts from analytical chemistry with oceanographers to adapt newly available technology to the determination of parameters in seawater that are of interest to oceanography.

Figure: Poster session at Ocean Science 2012.