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American Geophysical Union Fall 2012 Meeting

3 December 2012 - 7 December 2012

American Geophysical Union Fall 2012 Meeting
Dates: 3-7 December 2012
Location:  San Francisco, California, USA

For more information: http://fallmeeting.agu.org/2012/

GEOTRACES Relevant sessions:

 **OS013: Isotope Tracers in the 21st Century Ocean: New Results, Interesting Challenges, and Unique Opportunities
Conveners: Steven L Goldstein (Columbia University), Alison E Hartman (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory), Howie D Scher (University of South Carolina) and Torben Stichel (University of Hawaii at Manoa).

Bioactive, particle-reactive, and provenance-sensitive elements with isotopic variability in seawater are widely used to trace present and past processes in the oceans. Current research efforts, such as GEOTRACES, are increasingly multi-proxy, high resolution, and require smaller samples due to recent advances in mass spectrometry. Together these advances provide unprecedented opportunities to address source-to-sink questions and integration of tracers of different processes. This session brings together groups with new results from isotope tracers (Th, Pa, Nd, Hf, Cd, Fe, etc.) in the hopes of revealing new developments in our understanding of chemical cycling of the oceans

**OS036: Sources, Sinks, and Speciation of Marine Micronutrient Trace Elements

Conveners: Jessica N Fitzsimmons (MIT) and Christopher T Hayes (Columbia University

Marine primary production can be limited by the concentration of micronutrient trace metals such as Fe. Linking micronutrient supply to biology remains a challenge, however, because of a poor understanding of the marine distribution and cycling of these metals. The de-convolution of micronutrient biogeochemical cycles is aided by an investigation of their size partitioning/chemical speciation, as well as the cycles of other metals (such as Al, Th) that constrain individual parts of the micronutrient cycle. This session welcomes data from recent GEOTRACES cruises, process studies, or modeling efforts focused on understanding the distribution, supply, removal, or chemical speciation of marine micronutrient trace elements.


3 December 2012
7 December 2012
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