Dutch GEOTRACES cruise (GA04-N) is sailing in the Mediterranean and Black Sea

The RV Pelagia of the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research left the harbor of Lisbon on 14 May with 18 on-board participants to start the first of three legs covering the whole Mediterranean and Black Sea (GA04-N). Together with the MedSeA – GA04-S cruise on the Spanish RV Angeles Alvariño researchers will sample a wide range of parameters including all GEOTRACES core parameters. With the RV Pelagia they will sample 38 stations in the territorial waters of 13 different Mediterranean countries. The first leg will finish in Istanbul on 6 June. The second leg will start on 13 July and covers the Black Sea. The last leg starts 25 July in Istanbul and finishes in Lisbon on 13 August and covers the northern part of the Mediterranean Sea.

The cruise can be followed via the NIOZ website (rightmost column): www.nioz.nl

Chief Scientist: Micha Rijkenberg (Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research)