Departure of the Dutch GEOTRACES Black Sea cruise (GA04N leg 2)

The GEOTRACES Black Sea cruise 64PE373 started with the departure of RV Pelagia in the evening of 13 July 2013. The city of Istanbul gave us a fantastic farewell with a firework and bridges over the Bosporus decorated with many coloured lights, changing in colour while we passed them.
On board an international group of scientists that, as it was done during our past GEOTRACES cruises, wants to sample the whole water depth for the analysis of many parameters such as metals, isotopes and CO2. The stations are distributed from east to west in the Black Sea and one of the stations will be used for an isotope intercomparison study. The cruise will end 24 July also in Istanbul.

With friendly greetings from Pelagia,

Micha Rijkenberg, Loes Gerringa and Hein de Baar (NIOZ, Netherlands).

 The cruise can be followed via the NIOZ website (rightmost column):