Completion of the Spanish GEOTRACES cruise GA04S (MedSeA cruise) in the Mediterranean Sea

The Spanish GEOTRACES cruise GA04S (MedSeA cruise) in the Mediterranean Sea on board the B/O Ángeles Alvariño was completed. The cruise started in Cadiz on May the 2nd and finished in Barcelona on June the 1st. It was divided in two legs with one stop in Heraklion (Creta). We collected large volume water samples from 11 stations, 6 of them during the first leg (Gibraltar, Alboran, Southern Alguero-Balear, Sardine Strait, Southern Ionian Sea and Eastern Basin) and 5 stations during the second part of the cruise (Tyrrherian Sea, Northern Alguero-Balear Basin, Central Alguero-Balear Basin and the Catalano-Balear Sea). The samples samples will be analyzed for a suite of radionuclides, isotopes and particle, including 231Pa/230Th, 228Ra, 226Ra, 234Th, 210Pb, 210Po, 236U, 137Cs, 90Sr, 129I, Pu isotopes and Nd isotopes. We would like to acknowledge the crew of B/O Ángeles Alvariñothe MedSeA project, the IEO, the UTM (CSIC), and embarked scientists for their help and support during the cruise.

Distributed on behalf of Jordi Garcia-Orellana (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona).