Changes at GDAC – New Data Manager

We would like to inform you that starting from this month, GDAC has a new Data Manager. Chris Daniels has joined GDAC to replace Abby Bull who has left to take up a different role. We thank Abby for her contribution to the GEOTRACES program during her time at GDAC preparing for the IDP2017.

Chris will be focussed on processing IDP2017 data, including prioritising datasets to be included in the product. He will be the primary contact at GDAC and will liaise closely with Reiner Schlitzer and the DMC in coming months. He will be assisted by Emma and Donna from BODC who have been assisting Abby with the processing of data for IDP2017 over the past few months. Their contribution will be increased to ensure preparations for the IDP are not interrupted.

Chris has a PhD in biological oceanography from the University of Southampton focussing on coccolithophorids and has conducted iron radio tracer experiments as part of his postdoctoral studies.

When communicating with GDAC please use the generic GDAC email account: