GEOTRACES Presentations and Lectures

This section shows a selection of GEOTRACES lectures and presentations that investigators can download and use to present the GEOTRACES programme. Other documents are also available upon request to the GEOTRACES IPO.
Please contact the IPO if you wish the original PowerPoint files of these presentations and please inform the IPO of the GEOTRACES presentations you made to other programmes, international conferences or institutions.


Click on the link below to download the GEOTRACES DOoR user guide: GEOTRACES_DOoR version 2_User_Guide

Compilation of GEOTRACES Science Highlights

To download the compilation of GEOTRACES Science Highlights as either a PowerPoint or pdf file please click on the following links. GEOTRACES Science Highlights ppt GEOTRACES Science Highlights pdf

US GEOTRACES inception, strategy and outcomes (2019, by Mariko Hatta)

Please click here to download Mariko Hatta’s talk “US GEOTRACES inception, strategy and outcomes” (2019).

GEOTRACES – GEOSECS, what do they have in common? (2019, by Bob Anderson)

Please click here to download Bob Anderson’s talk “GEOTRACES: An international study of the marine biogeochemical cycles of trace elements and their isotopes –  Inspired by GEOSECS… what do they have in common?” (Goldschmidt 2019 August 2019).

Lectures on Radioactivity in the Marine Environment

The SCOR Working Group 146: Radioactivity in the Ocean, 5 decades later (RiO5) has published four lectures on marine radiochemistry in Limnology and Oceanography e‐Lectures. These lectures are freely available to download. Please click on each link below to obtain the complete set of lecture materials, including the full lecture (slide presentation), lecture notes and reading […]

Presentations from the Joint GEOTRACES/PAGES Workshop

The slides from keynote talks from the Joint GEOTRACES-PAGES Synthesis Workshop (3-5 December 2018, Aix-Marseille, France) are available to download in pdf format: Introduction  – Bob Anderson (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, NY, USA) Neodymium isotopic composition: which paleotracer? – Catherine Jeandel (LEGOS, OMP, Toulouse, France) and Kazuyo Tachikawa (CEREGE, Aix-en-Provence, France) Rethinking iron fertilization and the […]

Training materials: Introduction to Ocean Data View (ODV) software

The materials below were prepared by Mariko Hatta from the University of Hawai’i in order to train students on the use of the Ocean Data View (ODV) software. Three lectures are available to download as pdf files (a PowerPoint version of these files is available upon request to the GEOTRACES IPO): 1.- Introduction to Ocean Data View […]

IDP2017 Presentation at Ocean Sciences Meeting 2018

Please click here to download the presentation as pdf file.

GEOTRACES Programme Presentation (2018, by Ken Buesseler)

Please click here to download Ken Buesseler talk introducing the GEOTRACES Programme (February 2018).