Jobs & Funds

Faculty position, Earth Sciences, Bar-Ilan University, Israel

The Department of Geography and Environment at Bar-Ilan University invites applications for a tenure track position in the field of Earth Sciences.

Assistant Professor, University of California, Berkeley, USA

The Department of Earth and Planetary Science at the University of California, Berkeley invites applications for an Assistant Professor Faculty position.

Biogeochemistry Lab Research Assistant, Stanford University, USA

The Marine Biogeochemistry Laboratory at Stanford University is hiring a full-time Research Assistant for laboratory management and project-based research.

Postdoctoral position in ocean metal biogeochemistry, University of Southern California, USA

The John Lab at the University of Southern California seeks a post-doctoral research associate to study the role of metals in ocean biogeochemistry.

Chemical Oceanographer/Aqueous Trace Element Biochemist, tenure-track position, Florida State University, USA

The Department of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Science at Florida State University seeks a Chemical Oceanographer/Aqueous Trace Element Biochemist, to being Fall 2022. This is a tenure-track position.

Postdoc position in Marine Trace Metal and Isotope Biogeochemistry, The Royal NIOZ Texel, The Netherlands

Department of Ocean System Research is looking for a post doc with a background in marine trace metal biogeochemistry and with an interest in the cycling of iron and iron isotopes as well as other bio-active metals

Assistant Professor in Chemical Oceanography/Marine Biogeochemistry, UBC, Vancouver, Canada

Deadline for applications is 7 November 2021.

Technician, associate research or postdoc scientist in development of seagoing instrumentation, Duke University, USA

The Cassar lab at Duke University is seeking a technician, associate research or postdoc scientist to work on the design, development and automation of seagoing instrumentation to study marine biogeochemistry.

Postdoctoral Fellow Biogeochemistry, Florida Atlantic University, USA

Florida Atlantic University is seeking an HBOI Postdoctoral Fellow Biogeochemistry, Harbor Branch campus in Fort Pierce.