Cookbook – Sampling and Sample-handling Protocols

Please click here to download the Sampling and Sample-handling Protocols for GEOTRACES Cruises (Cookbook, version 3.0, 2017). Version 3.0 of the cookbook includes new sections on Aerosols and BioGEOTRACES. In addition, previous sections […]


Intercalibration report

In order to submit data for the GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Products, please follow the steps outlined in the IDP Flow chart. In brief, you need to (1) submit data to the […]


Intercalibration Exercises

The initially participating labs performed intercalibration exercises in order to ensure consistent analytical quality, published in L&O Methods. Newly joining labs can build on these efforts by intercalibrating with already intercalibrated labs. […]


Flow chart S&I Data Quality Assessment

A flow chart describing how the GEOTRACES Standards and Intercalibration Committee (S&I) committee assess data quality for the Intermediate Data Product is presented below. The flow chart is also available […]


Crossover Stations

Crossover station The incorporation of crossover stations into the cruise plans is an important measure of intercalibration. A crossover station is a location where the track of one cruise overlaps […]


Elemental Coordinators

Elemental coordinators of the GEOTRACES Intercalibration groups, and their contact information, are provided in the table below: Download the table in pdf Parameters          Elemental coordinator Dissolved […]