Blowing South: Southern Hemisphere Dust Symposium – NEW DEADLINE!

November 9-10, 2021 – On-line Event

Abstract submission deadline extended to 21 September 2021!


Dust is an essential component of the climate and the Earth system dynamics, participating in feedbacks with the radiative balance, precipitation, atmospheric and ocean biogeochemistry and land use, including impacts on human health. Compared to the Northern Hemisphere, dust in the Southern Hemisphere has traditionally received less attention. However, a growing body of literature stresses the importance of dust in southern latitudes, since southern land masses are the most important sources of dust deposited on the southern oceans, the most extensive of the high-macronutrient, low-chlorophyll water bodies. In southern polar and subpolar regions, the long-range transport of dust potentially affects high-latitude albedo of snow- and ice-covered surfaces.

Symposium aim:

This symposium will focus on bringing together international scientists working on observation and modeling of the present-day and paleo dust cycle in the Southern Hemisphere, across temporal and spatial scales, including both feedback with climate and impact on society.

Participants will discuss the latest advances in their work and share their major scientific questions. This will provide an opportunity to discuss recent and on-going work on these critical issues, and to expand on pre-existing collaborations that in certain areas of research and in certain regions are still quite limited.

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