Liason with voyages

Email traffic between expedition participants and Chisholm, LaRoche and Herndl will be directed though project coordinators:

Philip Boyd
Carol Robinson

Participant voyages

See 2010 Voyage Table
See 2011 Voyage Table

Needs of Voyage Leaders:

  • Communicate protocols for sampling, storage, archival, shipping and import/export permits, etc. (email, video instruction if preferred – use You Tube).
  • Supply consumables (filters) and equipment (liquid nitrogen dewar, dry shipper to air freight samples).
  • Discuss sampling guidelines and voyage constraints (minimum number of depths, opportunism, awareness that sampling is at discretion of voyage leader).
  • -80 freezer access (small volume required for filters only) on long voyages, and/or, supply of liquid nitrogen for dewars and dry shippers.
  • Shipping samples.
  • Supply pre-coded labels, vials, etc., and labeling scheme, documentation, shipping details (FEDEX pre-paid, etc.).
  • Post-shipping transfer to bio-labs and sample administration.
  • Sub-sampling and shipping, database, sample analysis, archival of DNA to exploit future development of new techniques, and decreased costs of existing techniques (such as single cell genomics).

Responsibilities and Links to GEOTRACES:

  • Link with scientists who are planning more detailed biological measurements on various regional voyages.
  • Boyd/Robinson to liaise with GDAC to supply metadata and produce a bioGEOTRACES map and module for the site.