BioGEOTRACES-Japan begins

A workshop, entitled ”BioGEOTRACES-Japan begins” was held on 19-21 September 2018 in Nagasaki, Japan to evaluate the potentials of biological studies related to trace elements and their isotopes (TEI) in the ocean, and to find the future directions of these studies in Japan. For three days, 15 registered Japanese scientists took part in the workshop. Drs. Maria Maldonado (University of British Columbia, Vancouver) and Tung-Yuan Ho (Academia Sinica, Taipei) were invited as guest speakers. The workshop consisted of 3 invited talks, 3 keynote talks and 11 research topics related to GEOTRACES & BioGEOTRACES (see the programme here). During the workshop, recent scientific findings, and possible future collaborations among TEI chemists, biologists and modelers were discussed. It was decided to organise the BioGEOTRACES-Japan in order to promote these comprehensive studies and cooperate with the international community

 2018 BioGEOTRACES Japan

Picture: Participants of the BioGEOTRACES-Japan Begin Workshop.
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