Arctic research special issue in JGR-Oceans

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On behalf of Mariko Hatta and Naomi Harada (JAMSTEC, Japan), please find below information about a forthcoming Arctic research special issue in JGR-Oceans.

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Submission Open: August 31 2020
Submission Deadline: March 31 2021

Catastrophic reduction of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean would exacerbate multi environmental stresses, including warming, acidification, and stratification. What are the missing links in oceanographic process (physical, chemical, biogeochemical and biological processes) with the rapid changes in the Arctic? In order to answer this question, Japanese and Korean national projects, Arctic Challenge in Sustainability (2015-2020) and the Korea-Arctic Ocean Observing System (2016-2020), and international projects, GEOTRACES, GO-SHIP and Pacific Arctic Group have tackled urgently and conducted the intensive survey. Various new findings, meso-scale eddies, changes in the lower trophic level organisms, specific functions of nitrogen cycle, influence of ocean acidification on calcifiers, and geochemical characteristics in the water column are reported. This special section of the Arctic would be of interest and beneficial to the oceanographic community of JGR-Oceans, and our national and international collaborative efforts will be timely manner and significantly promote further collaborative researches in near future.

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