Announcement of the GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product 2021

Following from the release of two intermediate data products in 2014 and 2017, the GEOTRACES Data Management Committee is pleased to announce the planned release of the third intermediate data product in July 2021 (IDP2021).

For GEOTRACES principal investigators (PIs) with data to include in IDP2021, we remind you that you need to (1) submit your data to the GEOTRACES Data Assembly Centre (GDAC) or to your National data centre for US, Dutch, French and Chinese PIs, and (2) get your data intercalibrated by the Standards and Intercalibration (S&I) Committee.

The DOoR Portal: To help you with these tasks, we have designed a new interface, the GEOTRACES Data for Oceanic Research portal (DOoR) where you register your data sets for intercalibration and potential inclusion in IDP2021. The DOoR portal does not accept or store your data. Once you have registered datasets, you can download data templates from DOoR for their submission to the appropriate data centre. DOoR is also where you must generate and submit intercalibration reports for processing by the S&I committee. PIs can use DOoR at any time to follow the intercalibration approval process, to link publications, associate scientists (students, postdocs, etc.) and to give permission for the release in IDP2021 for each dataset registered. The DOoR portal has been designed to streamline the preparation of IDP2021, both for the PIs and those who work behind the scenes to assemble the data product. It must be the first port of call for PIs who wish to register their data sets for potential inclusion in IDP2021. You can access the DOoR using your ORCID at this link:

We have provided detailed documentation and links on the DOoR landing page, including a how to document and video guide. We also plan to hold drop-in events at various conferences and workshops in 2020 to demonstrate the use of the DOoR portal and to register datasets with PIs if desired. The first of these will occur at the SCOR booth during the Ocean Sciences Meeting in February 2020. Additional demonstration events in different countries will be announced in due course. PIs can also contact their GEOTRACES Scientific Steering Committee representatives here for more information.

Fair Use of Data: An important change with IDP2021 is our move away from the formal registration step (the “Download Agreement”) towards adherence to a fair use agreement available here, to cover appropriate recognition of data generators in the subsequent usage of IDP2021. All data in IDP2017 will be rolled over to IDP2021 under this fair use agreement. If you do not wish your data to be rolled over from IDP2017 to IDP2021, you must inform the GEOTRACES International Project Office by email as soon as possible ( If you have already submitted new datasets to your data centre that were not included in IDP2017 please contact GDAC ( to discuss processing these data through the DOoR system.

Deadlines for inclusion in IDP2021: The first deadline for the submission of datasets to GDAC (or national data centres for US, Dutch and French PIs) using DOoR templates and intercalibration reports via DOoR to guarantee inclusion in IDP2021 is the 15th May 2020 (initial deadline was 1st of April but the deadline has been extended due to the COVID-19 situation). After this date we cannot guarantee your data will be included. The final deadline for submission of datasets to GDAC (or national data centres for US, Dutch, French and Chinese PIs) using DOoR templates and intercalibration reports via DOoR, is the 15th of December 2020.

PIs are encouraged to begin the data registration and intercalibration process within DOoR as soon as possible.

Best regards,

Bill Landing and Alessandro Tagliabue,
co-chairs of the GEOTRACES Data Management Committee