Announcement: Coupled meeting & workshop to discuss GEOTRACES findings, December 2015, London

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Announcing a coupled meeting and workshop to discuss ocean trace-element chemistry, particularly new findings from the GEOTRACES programme:

7th – 8th December 2015

The biological and climatic impacts of ocean trace-element chemistry

The Royal Society, London, UK

A Royal Society Scientific Discussion Meeting to present new results and discoveries about the role of ocean trace-element cycling in earth systems. Speakers from eight countries will discuss the oceanic cycles of trace elements, their role in ocean biology, their use to assess past and present ocean processes, and the influence of human activity on ocean trace-element chemistry. The full programme is available at:

The meeting is open to all, with registration at the above website. There is no charge to attend.

9th – 10th December 2015

Quantifying fluxes and processes of trace-metal cycling at ocean boundaries

Chicheley Hall, Buckinghamshire, UK

This is a workshop format meeting to synthesise knowledge about the fluxes of trace elements at the four ocean boundaries: from continents across the shelf; from marine sediments; from mid-ocean-ridges; and from the atmosphere. Keynote talks will describe recent advances in data and understanding for each interface. Discussion groups and posters will enable a full exploration of the state of knowledge for each interface, identify areas of uncertainty, and consider possible future research.

The programme is presently being finalised.

This workshop has a limited number of places and is by invitation or application only. Further information of the programme and application process will be made available on the above website and through subsequent announcements.

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