All about SCOR

You frequently heard about the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR) but you do not know what its mission is, how it is working out and more questions that we cannot imagine?

Based on a story relating 30 years of research on iron sources, speciation, transformation and sinks in the ocean, Ed Urban and collaborators (2020, see reference below) propose, on a paper recently published in the Oceanography Journal, a clear explanation of the SCOR definition, role and efficiency to bring the international ocean science community together to formulate new ideas that have contributed to furthering our understanding of the ocean for more than 60 years.

Figure: SCOR general poster. Click here to download it as pdf file.


Urban, E., Bowie, A., Boyd, P., Buck, K., Lohan, M., Sander, S., Schlitzer, R., Tagliabue, A., Turner, D. (2020). The Importance of Bottom-Up Approaches to International Cooperation in Ocean Science: The Iron Story. Oceanography, 33(1), 11–15. DOI: