AGU Fall 2014 – GEOTRACES Special Sessions

American Geophysical Union Fall 2014 Meeting
15-19 December –  San Francisco, CA, USA

GEOTRACES sessions:

Trace Element and Isotope Cycling in the Coastal Environment – 40 Years of Innovations
Conveners: Greg Cutter and Pete Sedwick


Trace metals and isotopes in the Eastern Tropical South Pacific: Results of the 2013 US GEOTRACES Zonal Transect and complimentary studies
Conveners: Jim Moffett, Chris German and Martin Frank


GEOTRACES-related sessions:

Productivity Proxies: New Developments and Records
Conveners: Fatima Abrantes, Bob Anderson and Heather Stoll


Biogeochemical cycling of silicon in coastal transition zones
Conveners: Claudia Ehlert, Patricia Grasse,  Daniel J Conley  and Mark A Brzezinski


The Biogeochemical Cycling of Mercury in the Coastal and Open Ocean
Conveners: Robert P Mason and Arthur Russell Flegal


Past Ocean Dynamics
Conveners: Joerg Albert Lippold, Luke Skinner and Sam Jaccard