AGU Chapman Conference relevant to GEOTRACES

There will be an AGU Chapman conference held in Cyprus, May 15-19, 2023 on the role of oceanic hydrothermal systems in ocean chemistry:

Hydrothermal Circulation and Seawater Chemistry: What’s the chicken and what’s the egg?
Agros, Cyprus | 15-19 May 2023

Session topics include:

– What processes and boundary conditions control high-temperature (on-axis) hydrothermal fluxes?
– What processes and boundary conditions control low-temperature (off-axis) hydrothermal fluxes?
– How do hydrothermal fluxes vary in space and time in the modern and recent ocean?
– How did hydrothermal fluxes vary over the Phanerozoic under different boundary conditions?
– What might control hydrothermal fluxes on habitable exoplanets and the early Earth?

Abstracts on all aspects of the role of hydrothermal input into the ocean are welcome and the abstract submission deadline is 25th January 2023. Feel free to reach out to any of the conveners if you have questions about the meeting.