About the Intercalibration Component of GEOTRACES

The ultimate goal for the intercalibration component of GEOTRACES is to achieve the best accuracy possible (lowest random and systematic errors) for the suite of GEOTRACES’ Trace Elements and Isotopes (TEI) as a prelude to the sampling program, and continuing effort throughout the sampling and analysis program. To achieve this goal, there will be two primary efforts:

(1) Evaluate and develop GEOTRACES sample acquisition, handling, and storage protocols during initial Intercalibration Cruises;


(2) Identify existing GEOTRACES primary standards and certified reference materials (CRMs) for the TEI suite (and where needed, producing reference materials or primary standards), including the establishment of GEOTRACES Baseline Stations that can be used to evaluate accuracy from sampling to analysis (to facilitate intercalibration for TEIs that do not have CRMs).