2014 Ocean Sciences Meeting – GEOTRACES Sessions

2014 Ocean Sciences Meeting 
23-28 February 2014 – Honolulu, HI, USA

GEOTRACES Town Hall meeting:

*GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product Town Hall Meeting
Tuesday, February 25, 2014 Time: 12h45 PM

GEOTRACES-related sessions:

*018 – Advancing the frontiers of the Si cycle in terrestrial, coastal, and open ocean ecosystems
Organizers:  Paul Treguer, European Institute for Marine Studies; Joanna Carey, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Mark Brzezinski, University of California; Christina De La Rocha, European Institute for Marine Studies; Robinson Fulweiler, Boston University; Manuel Maldonado, Centro de Estudios Avanzados de Blanes.

*037 – Dynamics of Coupled Processes in the Ocean: A tribute to the career of Dr. James Murray
Organizers: Laurie Balistrieri, USGS/UW Oceanography; Kathryn Kuivila, USGS; Hans Jannasch, MBARI.

*080 – Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements and their Isotopes
Organizers: Rob Middag, University of Otago; Alessandro Tagliabue, University of Liverpool; Peter Sedwick, Old Dominion University; Claudine Stirling, University of Otago; Andrew Bowie, University of Tasmania; Jingfeng Wu, University of Miami.

*092 – From VERTEX to GEOTRACES: honoring Ken Bruland’s contributions to marine biogeochemical cycles
Organizers: Gregory Cutter, Old Dominion University; Ana Aguilar-Islas, University of Alaska; Kristen Buck, Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences; William Landing, Florida State University; Maeve Lohan, Plymouth University.

*114 – Application of natural and anthropogenic radionuclides to the study of ocean processes
Organizers: Matt Charette, WHOI; Marcus Christl, ETH Zurich; Nuria Casacuberta, ETH Zurich; Ken Buesseler, WHOI.

*116 – Advances in approaches to assess metal-binding organic ligands and perspectives on the impacts of ligands on metal-biota interactions in the oceans
Organizers: Maeve Lohan, University of Plymouth; Kristen Buck, Bermuda Institute of Ocean SciencesSylvia Sander, University of Otago.

*060 – Submarine Groundwater Discharge – from Ridge to Reef: Groundwater Evolution, Climate, Land-Use, Coastal Hydrology and Marine Biogeochemical Impacts
Organizers: Steven Colbert, University of Hawaii Hilo; Henrieta Dulaiova, University of Hawaii; Craig R. Glenn, University of Hawaii; Jason Adolf, University of Hawaii.