An international intercalibration effort has been assigned a high priority during the initial phase of GEOTRACES to ensure that results from different cruises, and from different labs, can be compared in a meaningful way.

Intercalibration Procedures required for GEOTRACES cruises are available here. More detailed information about the recommended methods for sampling and analysing seawater, as agreed following intercalibration cruises and meetings in 2008-2010, are described in the "Methods Manual (CookBook)".

Details of GEOTRACES seawater standards, including availability of standards and consensus values for many measurements, can be found by clicking here.

A forum for intercalibration and measurements issues can be accessed here

If you wish to contact the Standards and Intercalibration Committee:

Documents relevant to intercalibration:

 Data Product (IDP2014)


 Data Assembly Centre (GDAC)


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