August 2021 - Issue #46
GEOTRACES Science Highlights
A new proxy for ocean iron bioavailability
The approach established and verified in this study, opens a new way for determining dissolved iron bioavailability in samples across the ocean.
Scavenging differentiates the distribution of cadmium, nickel, zinc and copper in the North Pacific Ocean
Zheng and co-authors observed sectional distributions of cadmium, nickel, zinc, and copper in the North Pacific Ocean during three GEOTRACES related cruises...
Surprising conservativity of trace metals along a costal embayment salinity gradient
Chen and co-workers analyzed an array of trace metals together with Rare Earth Elements in a salinity gradient in the Jinhae Bay, the largest semi-enclosed bay in South Korea...
Measuring actinium-227 by mass spectrometry is feasible, sensitive and reliable!
Levier and co-authors have developed a new protocol measurement of the dissolved actinium in seawater.
Pros and cons of carbon, nitrogen and silicon as tracers of modern and paleo-productivity
Farmer and colleagues review the geochemical proxies based upon sedimentary isotope ratios of three abundant biologically mediated elements.
Pros and cons of nine bioactive trace elements as tracers of modern and paleo-productivity
Horner and co-authors assess whether nine bioactive trace metals and their isotopes can be used as paleo-productivity proxies.
Controls of cadmium-phosphate systematic unraveled by Neural Networks and Ocean Circulation Inverse Model
Roshan and DeVries explore the similarities and contrasts between oceanic cadmium and phosphate cycles using an Artificial Neural Network mapping technique and Ocean Circulation Inverse Model.
Retreat of large marine-terminating glaciers may increase iron supply to surface waters
The findings demonstrate that glacial retreat and loss of ice-shelves may potentially result in increases in dissolved iron supply to surface waters downstream of large marine terminating glaciers in future.
In memory of Dr. Chibo Chikwililwa
It is with deep sadness that we inform you of the passing of Dr. Chibo Chikiwililwa on 23 June 2021.
New GEOTRACES video: Examining our Oceans!
View the video and share it broadly!
Goldschmidt 2022 - Call for GEOTRACES session proposals
Submit a session proposal before 30 September 2021.
GEOTRACES sessions at Ocean Sciences 2022
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Latest Publications

- Bam, W., Maiti, K., & Baskaran, M. (2021). 210Po and 210Pb as Tracers of Particle Cycling and Export in the Western Arctic Ocean. Frontiers in Marine Science, 8, 1041.

- Baskaran, M., & Krupp, K. (2021). Novel Application of 210Po-210Pb Disequilibria to Date Snow, Melt Pond, Ice Core, and Ice-Rafted Sediments in the Arctic Ocean. Frontiers in Marine Science, 8, 892.

-  Garcia-Orellana, J., Rodellas, V., Tamborski, J., Diego-Feliu, M., van Beek, P., Weinstein, Y., Charette, M., Alorda-Kleinglass, A., Michael, H.A., Stieglitz, T., Scholten, J. (2021). Radium isotopes as submarine groundwater discharge (SGD) tracers: Review and recommendations. Earth-Science Reviews, 220, 103681.

-  Jiang, S., Zhang, J., Zhou, H., Xue, Y., & Zheng, W. (2021). Concentration of dissolved lead in the upper Northwestern Pacific Ocean. Chemical Geology, 577, 120275.

-  Somes, C. J., Dale, A. W., Wallmann, K., Scholz, F., Yao, W., Oschlies, A., Muglia, J., Schmittner, A., Achterberg, E. P. (2021). Constraining Global Marine Iron Sources and Ligand‐Mediated Scavenging Fluxes With GEOTRACES Dissolved Iron Measurements in an Ocean Biogeochemical Model. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 35(8), e2021GB006948.

-  Wang, Z., Xuan, J., Li, F., Ren, J., Huang, D., & Zhang, J. (2021). Monsoon‐Facilitated Off‐Shelf Transport of Dissolved Aluminum Across the East China Sea During Summer. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 126(6).

-  Wong, K. H., Obata, H., Ikhsani, I. Y., & Muhammad, R. (2021). Controls on the Distributions of Dissolved Cd, Cu, Zn, and Cu‐Binding Organic Ligands in the East China Sea. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 126(6), e2020JC016997.


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