Post-doc/PhD positions, HUJI, Israel

PhD/post-doc positions available for the project: Ocean Fertilization by Dust – Studying how Marine Microorganisms “mine” Nutrients from Dust

Air-borne dust is a significant source of the nutrients iron and phosphorus to the ocean, but its
utilization by phytoplankton is constrained by rapid sinking and slow dissolution.

Research by the Shaked group in Eilat revealed that the important marine N2-fixing phytoplankton,
Trichodesmium, can capture and actively transport dust to the colony core and together with its
associated bacteria “mine” nutrients from dust.

Our research is highly integrative shifting between mineralogy to ecology, physiology, biochemistry,
OMICS and bioinformatics, all with multiple enjoyable collaborations with research groups world-wide.
We look for brilliant and original people from different disciplines, brave enough to endure some
ambiguity as our multi-layered “in-situ” projects aimed at untangling the complex microbiome – particle
interactions, sometimes evolve in unexpected ways.

Yeala Shaked, Earth Sciences, Hebrew Univ & Interuniversity Inst for Marine Sciences, Israel.

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