REMINDER: Two months to IDP2021 Deadline

Dear GEOTRACES Community:

This is a friendly reminder that there are only 2 months until the final deadline of December 15, 2020 for submission of datasets for inclusion in the 2021 GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product (IDP2021). Meeting the Dec. 15, 2020 deadline requires:

1. Registration of the dataset(s) and PI details via the Data for Oceanic Research (DOoR) portal.

2. Submission of your data using the data templates downloaded from DOoR to the GEOTRACES Data Assembly Center (GDAC: or your national data centre for Chinese, Dutch, French and USA scientists.

3. Submission of a complete intercalibration report to the S&I Committee via the DOoR portal.

Processing of data for inclusion in IDP2021 will prioritise those submitted before the May 15, 2020 deadline and then will prioritise section cruises over process studies over compliant data.  Because of the very large number of datasets that are being submitted for IDP2021, we encourage timely submission ahead of the December 15, 2020 deadline wherever possible.

Successful registration and engagement with intercalibration uses the DOoR Portal, which can be accessed using your ORCID:

The DOoR portal must also be used to grant permission for your data to be included in IDP2021 and we encourage PIs to grant this as soon as possible.

Finally, we draw your attention to the fact that data included in IDP2021 will be covered by the terms of the IDP2021 Fair Use Agreement (, which replaces the existing registration step. The IDP2021 Fair Use Agreement will also cover all data from IDP2017 included into IDP2021.

Please direct any questions you have about submitting data for IDP2021 to the GEOTRACES IPO office ( or consult the additional resources provided below.

Best wishes,

William Landing and Alessandro Tagliabue
Co-chairs, Data Management Committee

More information on the IDP2021 data submission pathway can be found here:

In the DOoR portal you will find PDF and video tutorials on how to register your datasets. You can select your cruise, your set of parameter names, and the names of the scientists associated with each dataset (including identifying the PI responsible for each dataset). Your parameters will be assigned unique barcodes in the data submission spreadsheet template and the template for submitting your report to the Standards and Intercalibration Committee (S&I) for review. These unique barcodes must not be altered.