Postdoctoral Fellowship, Dartmouth College, USA

The Dartmouth College invites applications for a 1-year postdoctoral fellowship atto study mercury cycling and bioaccumulation in coastal waters, as a part of an NSF grant in Chemical Oceanography. This position is part of a multi-disciplinary team evaluating the effects of terrestrial organic matter inputs on mercury speciation and dynamics in the Gulf of Maine. The postdoc will work with Vivien Taylor (Earth Sciences, Dartmouth) and collaborate with Celia Chen (Biology, Dartmouth) and Rob Mason (University of Connecticut).

The candidate will take part in several week-long research cruises on the Gulf of Maine, and conduct research on mercury methylation, organic matter speciation, and/or mercury bioaccumulation in phytoplankton. The selected candidate is requested to begin as soon as possible.

The Department of Earth Sciences, and Dartmouth as a whole, are highly committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive population of students, faculty, and staff, and encourages applications from historically underrepresented group(s) in higher education. We are especially interested in applicants who are able to work effectively with students from all backgrounds, including but not limited to: racial and ethnic minorities, women, individuals who identify with LGBTQ+ communities, individuals with disabilities, individuals from lower income backgrounds, and/or first-generation college graduates.

Applicants for this position must have a PhD in chemical oceanography, marine sciences, or equivalent by the time of the appointment. An important requirement is to have experience with mercury analytical techniques and clean sample handling. Familiarity with biogeochemical analytical techniques, doing research aboard seagoing vessels, and/or experience working with microcosms are preferred.

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