PhD Student Position in Earth Sciences, Eawag, Switzerland

Eawag, the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology, is an internationally networked aquatic research institute within the ETH Domain (Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology). Eawag conducts research, education and expert consulting to achieve the dual goals of meeting direct human needs for water and maintaining the function and integrity of aquatic ecosystems.

The Aquatic Geochemistry Group at Eawag opens a

PhD Student Position in Earth Sciences

The goal of the PhD project is to explore the potential of metal stable isotopes (δ60Ni, δ66Zn, δ114Cd) as emerging proxies for biological productivity. We will work with coupled water column, porewater and marine sediment samples from the subantarctic Southern Ocean. Emerging potential proxies will be compared to more established tracers to build a better mechanistic understanding of the controls on metal distributions in the water column and near-surface sediments. New and established tracers will then be applied in sediment cores spanning the last glacial maxima. The project bridges modern and paleo settings, and aims to understand how signals from modern surface waters are connected to underlying sediments in order to guide future reconstructions based on metal stable isotopes…. read more

The review process of candidates will start on 1 February 2022, therefore submission is encouraged by 31 January 2022.

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