PhD opportunity, University of Leeds, UK

Applications are now open under the UK NERC-funded PhD project “The Southern Ocean Ferrous Wheel: multi-isotope proxies of iron cycling in the Antarctic overturning circulation”.

The project seeks to pair novel iron and oxygen isotope analyses in the Southern Ocean and integrate these with radioisotope datasets already being collected by the NERC project PICCOLO. It includes additional samples for iron isotopes from the affiliate NERC project CUSTARD, and receives further strategic support through BIOPOLE. It is endorsed as a process study contribution to the International GEOTRACES Programme, and benefits further from a CASE partnership with Dr Tim Conway at University of South Florida, USA. It is now open for competitive applications to NERC’s PANORAMA Doctoral Training Partnership at University of Leeds, deadline January 5th 2024.

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For questions please contact: Will Homoky <>.