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21 questions and answers about GEOTRACES

We invite you to view this video introducing the International GEOTRACES Programme. Questions related to the GEOTRACES programme are asked to seven GEOTRACES researchers: how was the programme developed, why was […]

Trace metal chemistry: less is more

Dr. Tim Conway from University of South Florida brings a wealth of understanding of trace metals… One billion liters of seawater would be required to gather just 25 grams of iron, […]

2016 Investigator voyage to the Kerguelen Plateau

View a compilation of highlights from the IMAS-led HEOBI 2016 cruise (GEOTRACES process study) by the Australian MNF Research Vessel Investigator to the Southern Ocean and Kerguelen Plateau. Featuring the […]

Analysing mercury samples in the laboratory

2017 @geotraces #mercury intercalibration cruise heading out again, meanwhile running samples in the @MIOceanologie #Hg lab — Lars-Eric Heimbürger (@LarsEric_Hg) June 19, 2017

All what you need to know about GEOTRACES

What is GEOTRACES? How did GEOTRACES come to life? What is a GEOTRACES cruise? What does intercalibration consist of?…  GEOTRACES senior scientists explain you all what you need to know […]