Graphic Story: Pursuit and Decay

Pursuit and decay is a graphic story depicting the journey of carbon from the atmosphere to the deep ocean by Laurie Kaplowitz and Jennifer Kenyon.

This physical comic book based on Jennifer Kenyon thesis is aimed at grade school-aged children. Images, made by Laurie Kaplowitz, have been touring in various art galleries as part of a larger exhibit on ocean science-inspired art. You can learn more about the comic book here.

About the project: The Synergy Project began in 2020 and was created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) In this new project, Art League RI (ALRI) teamed up with the WHOI Graduate Program in Oceanography to revitalize and expand upon the ideas of the previous exhibit. The goal was to create a set of artwork that could be used to create public interest in ocean science and discuss scientific concepts in a digestible way.

“Phytoplankton Notebook” by Laurie Kaplowitz