GEOTRACES webinar series

A 4-part webinar series featuring GEOTRACES reseach was held in April-May 2015 organized by Ben Twining and hosted by the COSEE-OS office at University of Maine.

It was focused on trace elements and what they can tell us about biogeochemical processes, the carbon cycle, and climate. Nine scientists, each studying a unique facet of ocean chemistry, shared their work and the importance of researching these rare and vital “clues” from the ocean.

How do key micronutrients get to the middle of the ocean? Why should (or shouldn’t) we fertilize the ocean?
What are oxygen minimum zones? How might they affect life?
How are hydrothermal vent fluids created and how do they move through the ocean?

These topics (and more!) were covered via presentations from scientists using interactive concept maps, brimming with images, videos and other resources available for use after the series concludes.

You can watch the videos of the webinar series by clicking on the links below (you will be directed to the COSEE website):

An Introduction to GEOTRACES by Ben Twining and Phoebe Lam.
Nutrients in the Open Ocean – Claire Parker, Dr. Kristen Buck, and Dr. Kathy Barbeau
Oxygen Minium Zones by Carl Lamborg and Dr. Dan Ohnemus.
Hydrothermal Vents and Megaplumes by Jessica Fitzsimmons and Dr. Brandy Toner.

GEOTRACES Webinar Series Information: