GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product Naming Conventions

Please click here to view the GEOTRACES parameter naming conventions for the Intermediate Data Product 2021 (IDP2021).

The names of the GEOTRACES parameters used in the GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Products were formalised during the IDP2017. They are available in the table below for educational purposes. The most updated parameter names are those available on the GEOTRACES DOoR portal.

If you have any question or if you are not able to find your parameter in the lists below, please contact the GEOTRACES Parameter Definition Committee.

Parameter Names
Click on the corresponding link below to download the list of parameters (Excel files) :
Aerosol Measurements
Dissolved TEIS and Ligands
Hydrography and Biogeochemistry
Particulate TEIS and Ligands
Polar Measurements
Precipitation Measurements