Call for Abstracts! Frontiers for Young Minds: The Ocean Collection

Dear colleagues,

We would like to encourage you to submit an abstract for The Ocean Collection of Frontiers for young minds.

Frontiers for young minds provides a collection of freely available scientific articles by scientists that are shaped for younger audiences by the input of their own young peers. Frontiers for Young Minds believes that the best way to make cutting-edge science discoveries available to younger audiences is to enable young people and scientists to work together to create accurate and exciting articles. That is why scientists are invited to write about their cutting-edge discoveries in a language that is accessible to young readers, and it is then up to the kids themselves – with the help of a science mentor – to provide feedback and explain to the authors how to best improve the articles before publication.

In The Ocean Collection of Frontiers for Young Minds, scientists from various disciplines in oceanography share their knowledge and motivations and give insights into innovative tools and recent discoveries to better understand this ocean. The collection will target a large range of oceanic environments from the open ocean to the coast, the surface to the abysses also including specific areas like coral reefs or sea-ice environments. It will cover marine disciplines that range from physics to chemistry, from biology to ecology and from economy to conservation and policies. It will address innovative tools and methods that are used to observe and characterize oceanic properties and features: ships and satellites, the highly diverse variety of robots as well as genomics or artificial intelligence.

Collection Editors: Sanae Chiba, Hervé Claustre, Emily King, Laura Lorenzoni, Carolyn Scheurle

Abstract Submission Deadline: 31st July 2022
Submission Deadline: 30th September 2022

The abstracts should be submitted here

Thank you very much,