“Exceptional” Call for SCOR Project and Working Groups Scholars

Dear colleagues,

The Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR) has approved an exceptional call offering five scholarships of up to $2,500 each to scientists associated with current SCOR projects or working groups (WGs).

The scholarship is for scientists to support travel to conduct a collaborative scientific activity (such as instrument training, collaborative sample or data collection and/or analysis, etc.) at a host institution that will result in a specific product (such as a presentation, proposal, or peer reviewed article, etc.) within their WG or project’s goals. The duration of the activity is envisioned to occur over a 1–2-week period and needs to be aligned with the Terms of Reference of the specific WG, or science plan of a project.

The call along with the application criteria, the selection criteria and the application form are available here. Applications need to be sent to Patricia Miloslavich (patricia.miloslavich@scor-int.org) before 15 of July 2022.

For those GEOTRACES scientists desiring a letter of endorsement from GEOTRACES for this call, please send us a copy of your application before 10 July 2022 via the following form and we will gladly provide you with it: https://forms.gle/HM9Wg5Sd8NSs1xFr8

Best regards,