21 questions and answers about GEOTRACES

We invite you to view this video introducing the International GEOTRACES Programme. Questions related to the GEOTRACES programme are asked to seven GEOTRACES researchers: how was the programme developed, why was it important for the programme to commit to developing a merged global database with rigorous data quality control, what is the international coverage of the […]

Dec / 18 / 2017

Trace metal chemistry: less is more

Dr. Tim Conway from University of South Florida brings a wealth of understanding of trace metals… One billion liters of seawater would be required to gather just 25 grams of iron, yet this trace element is essential to every form of life on the planet.  A group of scarce but biologically important elements in the ocean, […]

Nov / 30 / 2017

2016 Investigator voyage to the Kerguelen Plateau

View a compilation of highlights from the IMAS-led HEOBI 2016 cruise (GEOTRACES process study) by the Australian MNF Research Vessel Investigator to the Southern Ocean and Kerguelen Plateau. Featuring the first video ever taken of the volcano Big Ben on Heard Island erupting, and at sea collection of samples from the Southern Ocean.    Video […]

Analysing mercury samples in the laboratory

2017 @geotraces #mercury intercalibration cruise heading out again, meanwhile running samples in the @MIOceanologie #Hg lab — Lars-Eric Heimbürger (@LarsEric_Hg) June 19, 2017

All what you need to know about GEOTRACES

What is GEOTRACES? How did GEOTRACES come to life? What is a GEOTRACES cruise? What does intercalibration consist of?…  GEOTRACES senior scientists explain you all what you need to know about GEOTRACES. Do not miss this very interesting video describing the GEOTRACES international programme!  

Jul / 27 / 2017

Journey to the top of the World

An international mission to map geochemistry of the Arctic Ocean Read this very interesting and appealing article about the U.S. Arctic GEOTRACES expedition and watch the videos included in it. This article has been prepared by the Florida International University, home institution of Dave Kadko, the chief scientist of this expedition: A pdf version of […]

Jun / 06 / 2016

GEOTRACES videos displayed at 2016 Ocean Sciences

Discover the video played at the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR) Booth at 2016 Ocean Sciences which documents scientific activities of SCOR-sponsored projects, including GEOTRACES. Video compiled and edited by: Elena Masferrer Dodas, GEOTRACES IPO  

Feb / 28 / 2016

Polar bears investigate GEOTRACES Equipment

We invite you to view the video below to meet three curious polar bears that investigate the cable of the Canadian GEOTRACES clean sampling system during the 2015 GEOTRACES Arctic expedition. ; The video was taken by Kathryn Purdon (undergraduate student, University of Victoria, Canada) on September 16, 2015, near 75 N 150 W in the […]

Nov / 06 / 2015