This section shows GEOTRACES outreach materials that we invite you to use in your activities and presentations, including: posters, cartoons, webinars, textbooks, videos, etc.

Follow GEOTRACES SWINGS expedition live!

Every week a new article of the Exploreur Journal will reveal the science, the scientific team and the daily life on board of this fascinating expedition in the Southern Ocean!

Feb / 15 / 2021


Click on the link below to download the GEOTRACES DOoR user guide: GEOTRACES_DOoR version 2_User_Guide

Jul / 16 / 2020

Compilation of GEOTRACES Science Highlights

To download the compilation of GEOTRACES Science Highlights as either a PowerPoint or pdf file please click on the following links. GEOTRACES Science Highlights ppt GEOTRACES Science Highlights pdf

Mar / 17 / 2020

Developing science literacy in students

Timothy Kenna and Margie Turrin from Columbia University, New York, have produced a new set of materials in English and Spanish for developing science literacy in students. There are three […]