An International Study of the Marine Biogeochemical Cycles of Trace Elements and Isotopes


GEOTRACES Session at Goldschmidt 2021

Submit an abstract before 26 February (23:59 CET)!

Congratulations to Karen Casciotti!

She will receive the 2020 John Hayes Award from the Geochemical Society.

Impressive number of datasets submitted by the final IDP2021 deadline

More than 2,760 datasets have been registered in DOoR by the final deadline of December 15, 2020.

Follow the French GEOTRACES GS02 SWINGS cruise in the Southern Ocean

Major French contribution to the international GEOTRACES programme the SWINGS project involves 80 scientists (19 international laboratories, 6 countries).

Two synthesis articles resulting from the Joint GEOTRACES-PAGES Workshop available

They both assess the potential of a number of bioactive elements and their isotopes to inform on past ocean productivity.

New GEOTRACES webODV services released

The extractor has a fresher, clearer look as well as a new station selection feature by date and time. In addition, users can now plot and inspect their selected data.

Science Highlights

Thorium-Protactinium fate across the tropical Atlantic Ocean: what reveals the water column-sediment coupling

Twenty seawater profiles and twenty core-top 231-protactinium and 230-thorium analyses were realised by Ng and colleagues along five depth transects across the northern tropical Atlantic open ocean.

Constraining Oceanic Copper Cycling through Artificial Intelligence and Ocean Circulation Inverse Model

Using available observations of dissolved copper, artificial neural networks, and an ocean circulation inverse model, authors calculated a global estimate of the 3-dimensional distribution and cycling of dissolved copper in the ocean

Particulate rare earth elements distributions, processes and characterisation of nepheloids in the North Atlantic

Lagarde et al. realised the first basin scale section of particulate rare earth elements concentrations across the North Atlantic Ocean.