An International Study of the Marine Biogeochemical Cycles of Trace Elements and Isotopes


GEOTRACES: Sharing marine geochemical data – webinar recording available!

The webinar “GEOTRACES: Sharing marine geochemical data” was organised as a satellite activity of the UN Ocean Decade Laboratory.

New GEOTRACES interactive cruise map!

This interactive map allows you to see the completed and planned GEOTRACES cruises tracks in all the different basins.

Main outcomes of the Japanese GEOTRACES cruises in the subarctic Pacific

This article synthesises the outcomes of the research completed by two Japanese surveys along the GP02 section.

GEOTRACES SESSION at The Challenger Society Conference 2022

Submit an abstract before 8th June.

“Exceptional” Call for SCOR Project and Working Groups Scholars

SCOR has approved an exceptional call offering five scholarships of up to $2,500 each to scientists associated with current SCOR projects.

Results from the survey – Expression of Interest for an Ultra-Clean “Dishwasher”

Thanks to those researchers who replied to the survey!

Science Highlights

New trace metal data in the Seas of Japan and Okhotsk

Nakaguchi and colleagues realized full-depth and section distributions of traces metals collected from the Seas of Japan and Okhotsk.

The Arctic Ocean is a net source of micronutrients toward the North Atlantic through the gateway of Fram Strait

Krisch and colleagues present a flux budget for micronutrient exchange between the Arctic and the North Atlantic Ocean.

Confrontation of two models to constrain the hydrothermal iron contribution to the Southern Ocean export production

Tagliabue and his co-workers compare the hydrothermal dissolved iron simulated by both models.