August 2020 - Issue #40
GEOTRACES Science Highlights
Dissolved gallium unravels Pacific and Atlantic waters in the Arctic Ocean
Whitmore and co-workers demonstrate that the dissolved gallium distribution provide a better water source deconvolution than the nutrient tracers

Precise estimate of the mercury export from the Arctic to the Atlantic Ocean
Using new observations acquired during GEOTRACES Arctic cruises, a refined arctic mercury budget has been established

Rare Earth Elements and neodymium isotopes as tracers in the Mediterranean Sea
Garcia-Solsona and co-workers analysed 9 seawater stations around the central Mediterranean Sea

A new model simulates the speciation and dispersion of hydrothermal iron
Roshan and collaborators present new observations of dissolved iron and its physical speciation in the South Pacific

Release of version 2 of the GEOTRACES DOoR
An upgraded version of the GEOTRACES Data for Oceanic Research (DOoR) portal is now available!
GEOTRACES Annual Report to SCOR 2020
The GEOTRACES Annual Report to SCOR is now available to download from the GEOTRACES web site.
The final deadline for dataset submission is December 15, 2020. We will make every effort to include all datasets that are submitted but registering your data set as soon as possible will improve the chances that it will be included…
GEOTRACES Informations


- Cruises:

11 January - 8 March 2021, SWINGS section cruise (GS02), South West Indian Ocean.

1 July - 1 August 2021, MetalGate Process Study (GApr16), North Atlantic Ocean and seas around Iceland. This cruise has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, new dates provided for reference only.

- Forthcoming GEOTRACES meetings:

13 - 14 September 2020, GEOTRACES Data Management Committee, Virtual Meeting.

15 - 17 September 2020, GEOTRACES Scientific Steering Committee, Virtual meeting.

- GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product 2021 (IDP2021) deadline: 

15 December 2020, Submit intercalibration reports and datasets for inclusion in IDP2021.

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Latest Publications

- González-Santana, D., Planquette, H., Cheize, M., Whitby, H., Gourain, A., Holmes, T., Guyader, V., Cathalot, C.,Pelleter, E., Fouquet, Y., Sarthou, G. (2020). Processes Driving Iron and Manganese Dispersal From the TAG Hydrothermal Plume (Mid-Atlantic Ridge): Results From a GEOTRACES Process Study. Frontiers in Marine Science, 7, 568. DOI:

- Menzel Barraqueta, J.-L., Samanta, S., Achterberg, E. P., Bowie, A. R., Croot, P., Cloete, R., De Jongh, T.,Gelado-Caballero, M.D., Klar, J.K., Middag, R., Loock, J.C., Remenyi, T.A., Wenzel, B., Roychoudhury, A. N. (2020). A First Global Oceanic Compilation of Observational Dissolved Aluminum Data With Regional Statistical Data Treatment. Frontiers in Marine Science, 7, 468. DOI:

- Roshan, S., DeVries, T., Wu, J., John, S., & Weber, T. (2020). Reversible scavenging traps hydrothermal iron in the deep ocean. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 542, 116297. DOI:

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Section cruises completed: 41
Publications: 1387

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