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GEOTRACES Science Highlights

Arsenic detoxification by phytoplankton reveals that As species could be good proxies of P limitation


Some phytoplankton species have the capacity to modify surface water arsenic speciation, inhibiting its toxicity. Such detoxification is operative in oligotrophic waters when phosphate concentrations are below those for As. During the US GEOTRACES North Atlantic transect…

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Dissolved Cobalt enrichments over the Kerguelen plateau confirm that most of the natural fertilization is due to partial dissolution of local basalts


Exceptionally high dissolved cobalt concentrations have been measured in the surface waters above the Kerguelen Plateau, and in intermediate and deep waters above its eastern slope…

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Significant role of dissolved/particulate Nd from the Ganga–Brahmaputra river system and Bay of Bengale margin in contributing to the dissolved Nd budget of the global oceans


Advanced Data on dissolved Nd concentrations and isotopic compositions measured along a 87 E transect (GI01 section, Indian GEOTRACES) have been used in an inverse model in order to identify the respective effects of water mass mixing and Nd release from particulate matter in balancing this tracer budget in the Bay of Bengal…

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 Indian GEOTRACES Cruise GI03 started on March 3, 2013

The cruise set off Mormugao port aboard the oceanographic research vessel (ORV) ‘Sagar Kanya’ on a 60-day mission, with 28 researchers from 9 Indian Scientific Institutes onboard. All the GEOTRACES parameters will be accurately collected along the section…

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 All kind of cruises can nicely complement GEOTRACES sections: the example of a microbial/organic geochemistry cruise in the South East Atlantic

Elizabeth Kujawinski of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution will lead a cruise to study the molecular level composition of dissolved organic material together with several variables pertaining to microbial ecology along a track that parallels the GEOTRACES GA02 section in the tropical and South Atlantic Ocean…

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 Examining the Results from the US GEOTRACES North Atlantic Section (GA03)

More than 60 scientists (including students and post docs) representing 30 TEI groups (trace elements, isotopes and supporting variables) assembled 11-15 March 2013 at Old Dominion University (Norfolk, Virginia) to examine the results from the US GEOTRACES North Atlantic section (GA03)…

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New GEOTRACES Reports Available!

The Reports from the following GEOTRACES-COST Workshops are now available:

– Stable isotopes of biologically important trace metals” (13-14 September 2012, Imperial College London, UK).Download the pdf.

– Voltammetry” (6-9 October 2012, Šibenik, Croatia). Download the pdf.

Read also the report from the recent meeting of the SCOR WG 139 (Organic Ligands – A Key Control on Trace metal Biogeochemistry in the Ocean).


GEOTRACES in Numbers

» Cruises completed:     38                        
»  Section cruises completed:   17
»   Stations completed: 516


– Cruises:

03 March – 10 May 2013, Section cruise GI03, Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean (Chennai – Australia – Chennai).

03 May – 01 June 2013, Section cruise GAO4S, Mediterranean Sea.

16 May – 11 August 2013, Section cruise GAO4N, Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea.

– Forthcoming GEOTRACES Meetings:

1 – 3 May 2013, 2013 Standards & Intercalibration Committee Review of Data from Crossover stations, Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm, Sweden.

23 – 24 May 2013, Working group on Fe budget during KEOPS 2 cruise, Brest, France. 

– Forthcoming GEOTRACES Special Sessions:

24 – 28 June 2013, Asia Oceania Geosciences Society Annual Meeting (AOGS 2013), Brisbane, Australia.

25 – 30 August 2013, Goldschmidt 2013, Florence, Italy.

– Other Relevant Events:

06 – 08 May 2013, First International Ocean Colour Science, Darmstadt, Germany.

23 – 24 May 2013, SOOS Asian Workshop for Southern Ocean Observing System, Shanghai, China.

04 – 09 August 2013, 2013 Gordon Research Conference on Chemical Oceanography, Biddefort, Maine, US.

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Latest Publications

Yoshiko Kondo, James W. Moffett, (2013), Dissolved Fe(II) in the Arabian Sea oxygen minimum zone and western tropical Indian Ocean during the inter-monsoon period, Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, Volume: 73, DOI:10.1016/j.dsr.2012.11.014


Tristan C. C. Rousseau, Jeroen E. Sonke, Jerome Chmeleff, Frederic Candaudap, François Lacan, Geraldo Boaventura, Patrick Seyler, Catherine Jeandel, (2013), Rare earth element analysis in natural waters by multiple isotope dilution – sector field ICP-MS, Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 28 (4) p. 573, DOI:10.1039/C3JA30332B


Benjamin S. Twining, Stephen B. Baines, (2013), The trace metal composition of marine phytoplankton, Annual review of marine science 5 p. 191-215, DOI:/10.1146/annurev-marine-121211-172322

Kazuyo Tachikawa, Takashi Toyofuku, Isabelle Basile-Doelsch, Thomas Delhaye, (2013), Microscale neodymium distribution in sedimentary planktonic foraminiferal tests and associated mineral phases, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 100 p. 11-23, DOI:/10.1016/j.gca.2012.10.010

Frédéric Planchon, Anne-Julie Cavagna, Damien Cardinal, Luc André, Frank Dehairs, (2013), Late summer particulate organic carbon export and twilight zone remineralisation in the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean, Biogeosciences 10 (2) p. 803-820, DOI:/10.5194/bg-10-803-2013

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