In order to submit data for the GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Products, please follow the steps outlined in the IDP Flow chart. In brief, you need to (1) submit data to the suitable data repository, and in parallel, (2) submit an “intercalibration report” for these specific data to General requirements for the intercalibration reports are detailed below.

Key points to include in an S&I intercalibration report:

1) What data are you asking to be intercalibrated?

2) Did the lab participate in an intercalibration exercise? If not, what else has been done to ensure consistency with intercalibrated labs?

3) How did you monitor internal consistency of your data? E.g. replicates...

4) Please report external consistency (e.g. CRM, consensus materials, interlab comparisons).

5) If you occupied crossover stations, how does your data compare (see detailed instructions for cruises with crossover stations).

6) If you did not occupy a crossover station, how do replicate analysis compare (Please follow instructions for cruises without crossover station)? If you have no replicate analyses due to large volumes, short half-lives etc., how do your data compare with historical data?

7) Please submit metadata (especially methods) with this report - Please note S&I does not have access to metadata submitted to the GEOTRACES Data Assembly Center (GDAC).

8) Have you submitted your data and metadata* to GDAC (Note: American, French and Dutch researchers should send it to their National Data Centre)?

*Researchers from US should submit metadata to BCO-DMO using the BCO-DMO "dataset metadata" form. All others should use the GDAC metadata form available here.

Download the list above as pdf.

 Data Product (IDP2017)


 Data Assembly Centre (GDAC)


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