Standards and Reference Materials

Consensus Values for the SAFe and North Atlantic GEOTRACES Reference Seawater Samples are available to download on the table below. 

Please, read the GEOTRACES Standards and Reference Samples Read Me document before downloading the files:

*Read Me version 2013 (Also see previous Read Me statements: 2011, 2009.)

Element SAFE Reference Samples
May 2013 
GEOTRACES Reference Samples
May 2013 
Al* .pdf .pdf
Cd .pdf .pdf
Co .pdf .pdf
Cu .pdf .pdf
Fe .pdf .pdf
Mn .pdf .pdf
Ni .pdf .pdf
Pb .pdf .pdf
Zn .pdf .pdf
*Cautionary Note on the Analysis of Seawater for Aluminium

A variety of GEOTRACES reference samples are also available. To obtain any of these reference samples, contact Geoffrey Smith. There is no cost for the reference samples, but a Fed Ex, UPS or DHL account number must be provided to cover shipping costs). Results of trace metal concentrations from analyses of all these reference samples and the baseline profiles need to be reported to Ken Bruland (Please see the Read Me document above for more details).