North Pole GEOTRACES Expedition Children's Book

2016 Children BookCover
Post-doc Katlin Bowman and writer Elizabeth Saito produced a photographic children's book about the 2015 US GEOTRACES expedition to the North Pole.

The book is narrated from Katlin's perspective as a member of the expedition's science party and it is for sale online at:

This project is funded by NSF, and all book proceeds will be donated. For more information, and to see sample pages from the book, visit





Follow GEOTRACES "Teacher at Sea"

William Schmoker of the Centennial Middle School in Boulder, Colorado, has participated in the US GEOTRACES Arctic cruise as a “Teacher at Sea” sponsored by Polar-Trec (Teachers and Researchers Exploring and Collaborating). The goal of PolarTREC is to invigorate polar science education and understanding by bringing K-12 educators and polar researchers together.

2015 SchmokerBill Schmoker is an experienced PolarTREC teacher. He has decades of educational experience in and out of the classroom, teaching preschoolers through retirees in formal and informal settings. A widely published bird/wildlife photographer, author, and public speaker, Bill finds adventure and seeks new knowledge wherever he finds himself, whether gardening in his back yard or 800 miles north of Barrow, Alaska in the Arctic Ocean pack ice. As a part of the GEOTRACES team, he will be researching trace elements that are critical for marine life and therefore influence the functioning of ocean ecosystems and the global carbon cycle.

Follow Bill Schmoker journal at:

 As part of this project, educational resources will be made available. Stay toned!


Picture: PolarTREC Teacher Bill Schmoker at the North Pole.
(From PolarTREC website)

Float Your Boat outreach project

US GEOTRACES participated in the “Float Your Boat” an educational outreach program that provides young people an opportunity to learn about the changing Arctic, marine debris, and maritime careers through participation in a study of Arctic drift patterns, by sending their own toy boats to the Arctic. This project recreates an historic drift cask study conducted at the turn of the last century. Float Your Boat aims to provide students with an understanding and appreciation of their connection with the world’s oceans.


The US GEOTRACES deployed over 1300 boats on the ice as drifters to track the ice movement across the Arctic. This project is described by our teacher-at-sea, Bill Schmoker, at  

Three years after some of the boats were recovered. Learn more here.


Sharing oceanography with prisoners

Catherine Jeandel (GEOTRACES IPO senior scientist) and Virginie Sanial (PhD student at LEGOS, France) scientists participants at the French GEOVIDE cruise (GA01) are members of the NGO "Les étoiles brillent pour tous (The Stars Shine for Everybody)" in Toulouse, France. The objective of this NGO is disseminating research in confined environments such as prisons or hospitals but also in rural or inland areas.

In this context, Catherine and Virginie set up a project with the Seysses Prison (Toulouse, France). During 6 months (April-October 2014), they exchanged with prisoners (via their teachers). They did this before the cruise, during the cruise (thanks to a cruise blog accessible here, in French only) and after the cruise.  The project ended with a session at the Toulouse Knowledge Festival called, La Novela, in October 2014.

We invite you to view the video below about this project shown during the festival "La Novela" (in French, subtitled in English).
NOTE: If subtitles do not display automatically, please place your mouse over the video and click on the following button subtitles icon available on the right-hand of the bottom tools bar.

Film maker: Fabien Perault - DT INSU - CNRS.

You can use the following URL to display the video in your presentations:


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